McAfee antivirus software is compatible with the tablet, mobile, Windows PC and Mac. This antivirus helps the users to secure unlimited systems from viruses. It contains a personal firewall and also provides  WebAdvisor tool. The users have to take only one subscription of McAfee antivirus to fulfill all their needs. It blocks malicious software which share your personal information through the internet. To get security from the McAfee software, you have to activate it with the product key at

How to Uninstall McAfee Setup?

If you are using the old version of McAfee activate, then you should uninstall it from the system first. To get the new version of McAfee, you have to download, install and activate McAfee. Here are the steps are given below to uninstall it:

•    You need to enter the “Settings” in the search bar of the Windows and after that, tap on the “Settings” option located on the results provided on the screen.

•    Press on the “Applications” given in the settings option of Windows.

•    Now, you have to enter the “McAfee” in the search bar and after that, choose the “McAfee product” which you wish to uninstall it from the computer.

•    In case there are many McAfee apps installed on the computer, and you wish to uninstall the entire apps of McAfee, then you have to remove the apps one by one.

•    After that, tap on the “Uninstall” button.

•    Press on the “Uninstall” button once again for verifying that you wish to uninstall the program from the computer.

•    Verify that you wish to continue the procedure of uninstalling McAfee product.

•    After the McAfee program gets uninstalled from the computer, then shut down the “Settings” window from the desktop.

•    Start the system again and ensure that the software was successfully removed.

How to Download and Install McAfee Setup?

McAfee Activate

Once you have connected to the internet connection, go through the download and installation procedure mentioned below:

•    Go to the internet browser and press on the link

•    Tap on the “Log In” for downloading McAfee activate.

•    Enter the McAfee email address and password.

•    Hit on the “Manage Devices” option.

•    Hit on the “Plus” icon.

•    Choose the system you are recently working by going to the drop-down menu and after that, tap on the “Download” button.

•    Choose the McAfee product which you like to install from the McAfee product list.

•    Check the “End User License Agreement” and go through the checkbox next to “I’ve read and accept the McAfee License Agreement” to agree on the legal agreement for the download and installation procedure.

•    In case you have to get the product key, then note it down because you have to enter the product key on the activation procedure.

•    Read the McAfee guidelines for installing the McAfee activate.

How to Activate McAfee Setup?

Activate McAfee by entering the 25-digit alphanumeric McAfee activation code. You have to copy the activation code and paste it in the given section. Go through the step by steps procedure:

•    You have to double-click on the downloaded and installed McAfee software

•    Press on the “Subscription” button.

•    Choose the “Activate” button.

•    Type the McAfee activation key.

•    Go through the prompts given on the activation window.

•    Otherwise, tap on the site link

•    Select “Country” and native “Language.”

•    Type the correct region.

•    Type the 25-digit alphanumeric product key and email address.

•    Press on the  McAfee “Activate” option once you have verified the given information.